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The show airs Sundays at 11pm Eastern Time on MyRadioStream.com .
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Download the 11/28/2021 show right HERE.

NEW: My provider, Myradiostream.com will not allow mobile users to listen to the show. So here are TWO links.
One for normal users, Listen Now! (link will open up a PLS file in your favorite media player.)
and One for Mobile users: Listen Here!

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What determines WDR being broadcast is based on the following:
If a WWE show ends between 11:00 and 11:30, then a full 2 hour WDR will broadcast.
If a WWE show ends between AFTER 11:30 and Midnight, a 1 hour WDR will be broadcast.
If a WWE show ends AT or AFTER midnight, WDR will be CANCELLED for that week.

About the Podcasting format
All archived shows will be available in an On Demand format. The only show that will be available is the most recent show.

Thanks for your continued interest in this podcast.
~Austin Wolfclaw

About The Show
Wolf Den Radio has been broadcast live on the internet on various stations since 2002-2003, but it wasn't until 2005 when the show became available for download. 

Stations include:
Live365(Early days of the show)
The Furry Broadcasting Corporation (Defunct)
KVXN² on Second Life (Formerly KWCFR) (Unknown)
MyRadioStream.com (Current)

The show live streams every Sunday at 11pm at myradiostream.com .

Current Segments:
The Funny Music Project (FuMP) EVERY WEEK, The FuMP releases 2-3 songs by the hottest and the coolest comedy artists!
Ill Will Press Home of Neurotically Yours (Foamy, Pilz-E, Begley, Germaine and friends...)
Parry Gripp The lead singer of Nerf Herder and his quirky songs of the week!
Poinkcast A ferret rants about everyday life. (Hiatus?)
News from Huffington Post's Weird News section, around Midnight live time.

Wolf Den Radio is a Wolf Den Production.